Theology on Tap


American and Catholic: The Joys & Tensions of Dual Citizenship

 Presenter: Fr. Joseph Simmons, SJ

Tuesday, July 11

7:00 PM- 9:30 PM

Fr. Joseph Simmons, SJ, ordained in June, will consider the challenges and opportunities of being both American and Catholic, and invite a discussion to follow. Fr. Joe is serving the Hispanic and young adult communities at St. Procopius Parish in Pilsen this summer, and will continue his studies at Boston College in August.”

Contributions and Challenges of Catholic Millennials

Presenter: Brother Vito Martinez, Capuchin

Tuesday, July 18

7:00 PM- 9:30 PM

How can millennials participate in the Church while at the same time the Church attend to the needs of this generation?  In the midst of a great number of changes, the US Church is still learning how to respond. One of these cultural shifts is the role of the Millennial Christian, a significant age group that generally is both the best-educated while also constituting 35-40% of the unemployed population. Our discussion will revolve around three themes that both the US Church and Millennials are dealing with: the impact of Individualism, the role of Communication towards Personal Communion, and the role of poverty and debt today.

Catholic Women: Creating Space for the Female Voice in the Church

Panelists: Kate Macan, Vanessa Alvarez Larson, Carolina Perez and Carmela Nipas

Tuesday, July 25

7:00 PM- 9:30 PM

Come join us to hear from young women about their experiences in the Catholic Church.  Listen to them as they share stories of struggle and joy, of what it means to be woman and Catholic.  This talk will highlight how we can empower our sisters in their faith journeys and honor their lived experiences.  The panel discussion take up these questions: Who is God? How do women experience Jesus?  How does Scripture influence a woman’s faith journey? What’s our role as a community to encourage and create space for the female voice to be incorporated into the greater church?  Join the conversation!

Diversity in the Church: Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Eric Philips

Tuesday, August 1

7:00 PM- 9:30 PM

Pope Francis challenges the faithful to build a culture of encounter and to increase unity in the Church and the world. This talk looks at the opportunities and challenges around ethnic diversity based on the history of the Roman Catholic Church in Chicago. A connection is made between the social and spiritual dimensions of Catholic identity across ethnic groups. The audience is invited to consider the Eucharist a foundation of unity that brings different ethnic to live, work and worship as a part of the mystical body of Christ.

Dusek's-Tack Room

1807 S. Allport Street
Chicago, IL 60608